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A very special thank you to Jill Felber for launching the Fall 2020 Session of the New Perspectives Series with her workshop, Extreme Makeover: Flute Edition.  

Her workshop offers flutists of all skill levels an opportunity to discover their inner strength and bravura! 

The workshop, originally designed as a six-week, in-person program to transform your playing under the guidance of Professor Felber has been reworked as the "Essential Flute Quarantine Routine with Jill Felber's Extreme Makeover: Flute Edition, a guided process to progress."  

Professor Felber does not offer a quick fix that temporarily improves your playing.  She targets the weakest areas of your flute playing with explicit and effective exercises to build strength and stamina.  

The process is transformational and even though you will hear results within the first few days, the program is designed to serve you over the long haul.  A little work everyday offers dramatic results.  

Jill Felber is Professor of Flute at University of California, Santa Barbara.  

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We had a wonderful class with Nicole Esposito! She shared her thoughts on three of the most important fundamentals of flute playing and musicianship in general in her class on "Tone colors, intonation and vibrato."

Daily practice in these areas can often be monotonous, yet Professor Esposito's approach integrates our natural instincts as human beings into playing the flute: singing, breathing, emoting, vocalizing and speaking.  

By changing the focus to air production and how we naturally resonate within the body, observing natural tongue placement, thinking more visually within the body, thinking of intervals as feelings and removing any obstacles that impede the air from reaching the flute we can begin to achieve optimal results in the areas of tone colors, intonation and vibrato.  

An approach that targets our most natural instincts and "matches intuition with knowledge" (Ms. Esposito's words!) makes daily practice in these areas much more accessible and enjoyable! 

Nicole Esposito is Professor of Flute and head of the woodwind area at The University of Iowa, School of Music.   

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Thank you to Ransom Wilson for demystifying the magic behind the French style and for giving us the logic and method to bring the music to life in a compelling and stylistically appropriate manner.  

Your class on “The French Style” drew our attention to common misinterpretations among flutists and redirected our efforts toward more informed musical gestures.


The speed and shape of vibrato, the length and natural lifts within and at the end of phrases and sustained notes, the clarity and speed of the articulation and the ability to respond to harmony changes in the music with sudden and magical tone colors elevated our musical expression and confidence in navigating the complexity and beauty of this style of music.  

Congratulations to our performers who shared their interpretations of the following selections:

Georges Hüe, Fantaisie 
Benjamin Godard, Suite de trois morceaux 
Esther - Henri Dutilleux, Sonatine 
Eugene Bozza, Image
Louis Ganne, Andante et Scherzo  
Jules Mouquet, La Flute de Pan

Professor Wilson is Professor of Flute at Yale University, School of Music 

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It was a first for the New Perspectives Series with this class featuring four faculty members from Integrated Flutist - Fluting with Friends
                                                                              We enjoyed unique approaches from each faculty member in their class “Approaching melodies: tools and strategies for unlocking your musicianship.”  

Using melodies from Moyse, 24 Little Melodic Studies, participants explored various aspects of musicianship including vibrato, measured dynamics, body movement, eurythmics and more to deepen their understanding of the melodic content.  


It was a seamless transition of ideas amongst the faculty, offering participants a new focus on each attempt.  This was a wonderful analogy for practicing; to always refresh your lens and change the focus.  

Faculty of the Integrated Flutist:
Roderick Seed - Altus Flutes Artist and author of “Mastering the Flute with William Bennett”

Emma Shubin - Haynes Ambassador Clinician and Co-executive director of Integral Steps

Paul Hung - Faculty at Vancouver Academy of Music

Alex Conway - 2nd flute, Winnipeg Symphony



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What can we say about a class that ends with a "Fun with Uptown Funk" play along, using extended techniques?!? 


So much fun...AND...so many takeaways! 


Dutch flutist, Rogier de Pijper, shared a class entitled "How to use extended techniques to get in shape and how to integrate them into your flute studies throughout the year." 

In his class, he offered a set of exercises from his book, Flute Colors, that connect an extended technique with a specific tone, technical or musical goal in flute playing. For example, harmonics help with air control and support; windtones help with flexibility in the embouchure; and, pizzicato and slap tongue coordinate the tongue and abdomen while key clicks help to align left hand and right hand. We covered the gamut of extended techniques from flutter tonguing to wind tones, tone bending, whisper tones and multiphonics.  

Upon investigating these techniques and their correlating use in tone production and technique, we observed results that were both instantaneous and surprisingly liberating.  

Rogier de Pijper is author of Flute Colors (flutecolors.com). His website is www.rogierdepijper.com

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"In today’s overstimulated and instant-gratification-oriented world, sticking with disciplined practice sessions can be challenging....[Dr. Sánchez taught us] all about how to let go of practice anxiety and navigate your music and emotions with more ease and flow. [Her] suggestions and advice taken directly from The Aspiring Flutist’s Practice Book Series [featured] concepts like patience, focus and repetition in a new light, helping...to foster a sense of unlimited possibility in every practice session!"

-Dr. Terri Sánchez

With a wealth of new techniques for practicing (thanks to the artists in the Fall 2020 Session), one might feel a bit overwhelmed when attempting to incorporate all of theses tools into our daily practice.  Dr. Sánchez, through her personal experience and expertise, guided us through a list of habits that inspire ease and flow in our practice sessions.

View Dr. Sánchez's blog, www.practicejunkie.com to view her list of how to P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E. Overcoming Practice Anxiety.  Shifts in your mental thinking from "procrastinating to proacting or trading anxious thoughts for asking questions" offer immediate solutions to the most common mental blocks we face in the practice room.  

Dr. Terri Sánchez is the Senior Lecturer in Flute at the University of Texas at Arlington.​

Dr. Sánchez is author The Aspiring Flutist's Sound & Scale Book and The Aspiring Flutist's Practice Companion 


Websites: https://miyazawa.com/artist/terri-sanchez/


YouTube Channel: